About TDE

The Denver Exchange, Inc. (TDE) has been providing innovative online services since before the World Wide Web emerged, and long before the popular rise of the Internet.

TDE started business as The Exchange, a bulletin board system (BBS) located in Houston, Texas. (BBSs were small online services similar to services like the old CompuServe, GEnie, and others that were popular at the time.) That was back in 1989, and The Exchange was one of the first multiline BBSs in Houston, as well as one of the most popular. The BBS provided forums, chat, file downloads, online games, and more.

James Craig, founder and operator of The Exchange, initially operated his business as a part-time endeavor. But it didn't take long before James left his job to devote full-time to the business.

In 1991, James decided to move from his Texas home, and relocate to Denver, Colorado. The Exchange came with him, launching as The Denver Exchange (TDE), and offering the same features as the BBS did when it started in Houston. At the same time, Nathan Harrington became a partner in the business.

With the early commercial growth of the Internet, as well as the emergence of NCSA's Mosaic (the first implementation of the graphical World Wide Web), interest in BBSs began to diminish as people shifted their online activities to the web. TDE recognized early on this shift, and was quick to launch Internet services for its BBS membership. Internet dial-up and related services were made available in 1995, before many current players entered the market.

With time, TDE shift its focus entirely from the BBS to Internet services and related products, and the BBS accepted its last call in 1997.

Today, TDE prides itself in being an innovative, friendly provider of Internet services. We realize, as many of our customers do, that bigger is not necessarily better. While providing quality services for both consumers and businesses at a competitive price, we offer a level of service that simply can't be matched by big, national players. Our customers recognize that difference, and continue to regularly refer customers to us.

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