Want an overview of TDE behind the scenes? This is the place.

Hardware and Software

TDE's hardware includes a range of Intel-based PCs. We have multiple servers to accommodate the various services we offer, such as web hosting and email. All of our servers feature the redundancy of RAID technology, ensuring that our own data, and that of our customers, is never compromised by a hardware failure.

TDE uses a mixture of robust Microsoft Windows based servers, depending on the services being provided.

Our data routing hardware is provided by Cisco Systems.


TDE's data center is located in secure, redundant, and exceptionally robust facilities that are fed with multiple different Internet backbone connections, all of which are of fiber-optic capacity. While the nature of the Internet is such that nobody can guarantee your ability to connect with a particular site 100% of the time, simply put, you won't find better Internet connectivity than that offered by TDE.

During times of peak usage or service outages affecting specific backbone providers, our routers are capable of redirecting traffic around network bottlenecks. And at all times, your data goes across the most efficient network path for any given point-to-point connection.

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