Consumer Services

TDE offers Internet access for consumer users who demand both quality, and the entire range of value-added services. Dial-up access is available nationwide, and our broadband DSL service is available in many areas in Colorado, including Denver/Boulder, Ft. Collins, Greeley, Vail, and Grand Junction, among others. TDE's access service is backed by our trademark personal service, as well as outstanding redundancy, reliability and performance.

In addition to access services, TDE Internet offers e-mail, personal web hosting with support for both FTP and Microsoft FrontPage, high-performance unfiltered newsgroups, web-based access to your e-mail from anywhere, and web-based access to newsgroups from within our network, all from a locally-owned, locally-operated provider with over a decade of online experience.

For additional information or to sign-up today, call (303) 455-4252.

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