Why TDE for DSL?

Why TDE for your DSL needs? We believe we offer you the best overall price/performance for DSL service in the Front Range area. Here's why:

  • High-quality connectivity to the Internet.
    At TDE, our connectivity to the rest of the Internet extends from our location to a major point of presence in Boulder, Colorado. From there, our customer Internet traffic is routed over three major national backbone network providers, as well as all major Front Range local interconnection points. The result is outstanding redundancy, reliability and performance.

  • Personal service.
    We pride ourselves in offering you unparalleled customer service. When you need help, we go out of our way to assure your satisfaction. You can depend on TDE to be there when you need us, and make it right.

  • Develop your web site, your way.*
    TDE supports both real FTP uploading of your web content, and Microsoft® FrontPage™ server extensions for online web authoring with FrontPage. You're not forced to use obscure tools.

  • Web-based access to e-mail and news.*
    On the road? At the office? Using an Internet cafe terminal? You can access your e-mail from any web browser, anywhere. Plus, while using TDE connectivity, you can use a web browser to access newsgroups instead of a dedicated news reader for increased ease of use.

  • Independent, locally owned.
    TDE has always been, and still is locally owned and operated. We're proud to be a small business working hard for your trust.

  • Over a decade of online communications services.
    TDE has a 10 year history of providing services online, first with interactive services, and for the past five years, with Internet access. We put our experience to work for you every day.

* NOTE: Web hosting, and web-based e-mail access are not provided with certain cost-saving service plans.

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