Uploading Your Site

Or, how to use FTP to submit your web pages to the TDE web server...

The purpose of this page is to explain the procedures you should use to FTP your web pages and images and make them available to the world-wide Internet community. This message does not go into the detail of how to create your home page, but rather, what to do with it to make it available once you've created it.

First, here are some important points you need to be aware of when creating and uploading your home page and supporting files:

  • Most TDE home service plans provide for web hosting space. Certain value-priced plans do not. Business users require separate web hosting service plans.
  • Our web servers are configured to support a variety of "default document" names. In order to make your home page easier to access by the Internet community, your main (or "top level") HTML file should be called any of the following: index.htm, index.html, default.htm, default.html, home.htm, and home.html. Your main web page, and any main web page created under a directory should use one of these names (only one! - don't use index.htm and default.htm for example).  All other pages can use whatever naming convention you wish to use.
  • On the web, CaSe Is SiGnIfIcAnT. Make sure that the links to pages in your HTML file match the case of the files when you upload them. For ease, we recommend that you make all references to your pages in your HTML files in lower case. Please note, however, that if you reference someone else's home page and that page has uppercase, you will need to make your reference to that page uppercase as well.
  • Example: Suppose you reference someone's home page called MyFishingExpedition.html. Your reference to that page will need to match (e.g. the M, F, and E will need to be uppercase).

Making Your Site Available on Our Servers

  1. Upload your home page and any supporting files (e.g. GIF images, JPG images, etc.) to your "home" directory at the members.tde.com Web Site.

    a) Run your FTP client.

    b) FTP to host: members.tde.com.

    c) For the login name and password, you must use your TDE Internet login name and password. You cannot login anonymously to upload your home page!  Your login name is the first part of your email address (everything to the LEFT of the @ symbol).  Your login name and password are both lowercase!

    d) When you first connect, you will be placed in your home directory.

    e) Your home pages and supporting files need to be in this directory, or any subdirectory you create under your home directory. Your home directory has already be created for you by the web server.

    f) FTP (upload) your home page and supporting files to TDE. Exactly how you do this varies depending on the FTP client you are using, but in general, you need to select the files to be sent and "S"end them.

  2. Test your home page. The URL for your home page is: http://members.tde.com/login_name

    Example: http://members.tde.com/nwh

    When someone references this URL with their Web brower, they will be shown your main HTML (index.htm, index.html, default.htm, default.html, home.htm, home.html) file.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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